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Ms. Vegas's 1st Grade Class

Math Topics:
Topic 1:  Understand Multiplication and Division of Whole Numbers
Topic 2:  Multiplication Facts:  Use Patterns
Topic 3:  Apply Properties:  Multiplication Facts for 3, 4, 6, 7, 8
Topic 4:  Use Multiplication to Divide:  Division Facts
Topic 5:  Fluently Multiply and Divide within 100
Topic 6:  Connect Area to Multiplication and Addition
Topic 7:  Represent and Interpret Data
Topic 8:  Use Strategies and Properties to Add and Subtract
Topic 9:  Fluently Add and Subtract within 1000
Topic 10:  Multiply by Multiples of 10
Topic 11:  Use Operations with Whole Numbers to Solve Problems
Topic 12:  Understand Fractions as Numbers
Topic 13:  Fraction Equivalence and Comparison
Topic 14:  Solve Time, Capacity, and Mass Problems
Topic 15:  Attributes of 2-Dimensional Objects
Topic 16:  Solve Perimeter Problems
Topic 17:  Step Up to Grade 2

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