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Our 3K and Pre-K students are very happy to start their classes in PS154 Harriet Tubman. They play blocks, play Lego, and play kid-kitchen games. Everyday is fun. In their lunch time, they eat nuggets, drink milk, and eat apple slices. Health and delicious meals! In their technology time, they use iPads to learn. Come and join our awesome 3K and Pre-K programs!

It is a warm and sunny day on Friday. In the playground, students play different outdoor activities, including tug of war, dodge ball, and bean bag walk. They are divided into different teams, and they do their best to win in different activities. Staff supervise their teams and ensure all students play the activities. Students have a great time and love the field day.

It is a special day for our 3-K students because they visit petting zoo in PS154. Students have the chance to touch different animals, including sheeps and rabbits. The staff teach students about feeding animals and different animals' traits.

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